Mighty No. 9 Reaches 2.4 Million Stretch Goal; Mighty No. 8 Boss Detailed

Mighty No. 9 Reaches 2.4 Million Stretch Goal; Mighty No. 8 Boss Detailed

In the latest Kickstarter update, we find that Mighty No. 9 has reached the $2.4 Million stretch goal, which adds a Challenge Mode to the game.

The next stretch goal is at $2.55 Million, which would add an extra End Stage and Boss. The developers would add another full stage– complete with an intense and original boss battle–to the final area Beck will take on once he defeats the other eight Mighty No. bosses.

We also get a new boss design, Mighty No. 8. He was designed with a western sharpshooter motif in mind. Hilariously enough, No. 8 was suppose to be a female but Kimo Kimo’s version of the character was just too strong. In the end it was decided to have Mighty No. 3 as the lone female.

No. 8’s right arm was obscured in the original sketch (pictured above) but Inafune came up with the idea that his arm could have been blown off, but he never repairs it because of his confidence in his abilities. His main specialty is radar and optical camouflage.

There’s also an interesting tidbit that was revealed: apparently the Mighty Nos. were designed with the premise that they would compete in a robot gladiator tournament. Each robots’ offensive capabilities run in two ways:

1. Attacks tailored to destroy other robots melting their internal circuitry, shorting it out with water, etc.

2. Attacks intended to cause damage in general– Gatling gun fire, sniper shots, etc.

All of the rough and final design artwork has been posted below in a gallery. If you’d like to support this Kickstarter, go here to contribute.