Mighty No. 9 Update Brings Three New Characters and the Game’s Adorable Mascot

Mighty No. 9 Update Brings Three New Characters and the Game’s Adorable Mascot

In the newest update, three characters are revealed for the game and we learn about the literal building blocks of robots and the Mighty No. 9 world.

There are three scientists in the game’s world and while each one of them study a different field of robotics, their combined contributions shaped the world into what it currently is:

  • Dr. White: The independent robotics researcher who created Beck and all the other Mighty Numbers.
  • Dr. Blackwell: The inventor of “xel” technology, which revolutionized the robotics industry and forms the basis of the world of Mighty No. 9.
  • Dr. Sanda: A specialist in humanoid robotics whose work makes extensive use of xel technology.

Each scientist is being designed by a different artist in order to ensure that they have unique features and inspirations.

The mascot of Mighty No. 9 is called a “xel” (pronounced “cell”), which makes up literally every single robot (including Beck) in the world:

Mighty No. 9 (78)Each xel can combine with other xels to form larger structures, or separate themselves into smaller parts; this allows them to create multitude of structures. It receives its orders from a central unit called a “core.” In essence, xels are to robots as cells are to human beings. Xel comes from the word “pixel” and refers to the fact that everything in past games were made of pixels, so everything in this game is made of xels. You can check out the gallery below for some concept artwork of the scientists and the xels. If you would like to support the game, go here to make a Kickstarter contribution and over here for PayPal contributions.