Mighty No. 9’s New Update Reveals Animations for Beck, Details Boss Design and Voice-Acting Fund

on July 11, 2014 10:41 PM

Mighty No. 9‘s latest Kickstarter update shows off some of Beck’s in-game actions such as climbing, dashing, absorbing and more. The update also details the voice-acting stretch goal and what additional decisions they’ve made. There are also plenty of level and boss details revealed as well.

First, we have four videos that feature some of Beck’s animations:

The full workings of the dash mechanic are also discussed. First, players must take care to weaken the enemy with a few shots before dashing into them. This converts the robots’ Xiel into power-ups. If the foe is not sufficiently weakened first, you run the risk of getting hurt. Also, not only is the amount of damage from ramming head on into unweakened enemies greater than average, you will get pushed backward upon contact too. If you succeed with a foe or even a boss:

Mighty No 9 (3)

Next we have a few screenshots for the first boss stage, Mighty No. 2’s world. For those who may not remember, this is the stage that must be played in darkness, making the platforming even more treacherous:

Character designers KIMOKIMO and Imaeda also delve into Mighty No. 2’s design — notice that it changed slightly from the original Kickstarter one. We also find out that No. 2 is a girl:

The last picture is her very early design, but the devs decided to go for one that resembles an old diving suit, since it’s much sturdier for heavy combat.

Finally, the team reveals that one of the biggest concerns with the big Anime Expo announcement for the new Mighty No. 9 funding was that English backers could only support English voice work instead of both. It has been decided that the stretch goal will now cover both languages.

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