Miitomo’s Latest Update Adds Much-Needed Social Improvements

Miitomo’s Latest Update Adds Much-Needed Social Improvements

While Nintendo’s first mobile game Miitomo received a fairly warm reception, the most notable lobbied complaint is the stinted social features. In an attempt to remedy those complaints, Nintendo has updated Miitomo with new ways to add friends, including e-mail, iMessage, and other ways to invite. Additionally, Nintendo has added a few more fixes, optimization, and quality of life enhancement

And while all these features are sorely needed, a recent notification on Miitomo (seen below) suggests that those playing on iOS devices may have to wait a bit longer. Supposedly the game is crashing on certain iOS devices when attempting to use the new features — though I haven’t been able to replicate the crash yet. Either way, an update that will remedy this issue is being pushed soon, according to Nintendo.


Check out the full list of new features below:

• Added feature for inviting friends via e-mail, SMS, etc.
• Friend requests and blocking can now be done within comment and heart lists.
• When posting Miifotos in the comment list, existing Miifotos can now be edited and posted.
• An “Answer” option has been added to “All answers.”
• Implemented bug fixes and speed optimizations.