Mike Bithell Is Apparently Announcing His Next Game Very Soon

Mike Bithell Is Apparently Announcing His Next Game Very Soon

Mike Bithell and his team at Bithell Games seem to be set to announce their next game next week. No hints on what it will be, but it should be a fun one.

Mike Bithell and his team are behind games like John Wick Hex, Thomas Was Alone, and Subsurface Circular. Bithell has also recently put out a fun podcast series called North Star Rising. However, it sounds like we might see what the team at Bithell Games is up to next very shortly. On Twitter, he’s teasing an announcement next week. There aren’t any hints about what the game might be, but it’s definitely a story worth paying attention to.

Each of Bithell Games’ release has felt incredibly different from each other, outside of the two Circular games. However, the two constants are super stylish visuals and solid storytelling. So, while we know nothing about their next game, we can at least expect a cool-looking game with a story worth seeing.

One potential game that could be interesting is if they plan to do something with North Star Rising. The podcast’s run ended back in May, so it would make some sense if they were adapting it into a game. Especially if it’s something shorter and more experimental. I’d also be fine if they explored someone else’s IP as they did with John Wick Hex. That game is great, so I’d love to see what they do with something else.

Of course, that’s all merely speculation. With zero hints in the tweet, all we can do is guess at what they might be up to next. Fortunately, it doesn’t sound like we’ll have to wait much longer to see what Mike Bithell and his team are cooking up next. Make sure to check back next week to see what’s coming.