Mike Rose Petitioning G2A to Stop Selling Indie Games

No More Robots founder Mike Rose started a petition to cease sales of indie games on G2A—prompting a G2A employee to contact 10 journalists about running a pre-written article defending the marketplace.

Mike Rose, founder of British publisher No More Robots, is calling for no more indie games on grey-market digital key reseller G2A. He’s created a petition requesting that the infamous marketplace “not allow the selling of keys for indie titles anymore.”

The petition comes in response to a G2A post claiming that eight percent of the roughly million games sold on the marketplace monthly are indie. The global digital marketplace has been in hot water with publishers and developers for years. Allegations that many of the keys sold were obtained with stolen credit cards are easy to find. Rose claims that No More Robots has been harmed as a result of fraud and shady business practices, as have other indie publishers and developers. He subsequently tweeted that he’d rather players pirate games than buy them from G2A, prompting their aforementioned post.

He isn’t the only person who feels that way.

By his estimations, G2A wouldn’t suffer terribly if they stopped selling games that only result in eight percent of their total sales. The petition has garnered 4,500 signatures at the time of this writing.

A G2A employee named Adrian recently emailed 10 journalists asking for publication of a pre-written article. The email defends the marketplace’s business practices, calling them misunderstood. It also requests that the article be published without any indication of sponsorship or association.

The article apparently delineates how “selling stolen keys on gaming marketplaces is pretty much impossible.” The company was quick to distance itself from the email, claiming that Adrian was acting without authorization.

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