Millions Collaborate To Complete Pokémon Go’s Global Reseach Challenge

Millions Collaborate To Complete Pokémon Go’s Global Reseach Challenge

Millions of Pokémon trainers from all over the world have worked side by side to complete Pokémon Go’s Global Research Challenge over the weekend.

It’s been quite an exciting weekend for fans of Niantics hugely popular mobile game Pokémon Go with thousands of trainers congregating in Yokosuka Japan for a Safari Zone event and millions participating online to complete the Global Research Challenge put forth by the game’s Professor Willow.

The latest Global Reseach Challenge was the final of three such events that had been dotted throughout the year. It required a number of tasks to be completed from by players located in different geographical areas with 10,000 tasks to be completed by people attending the Safari Zone event itself. Aline play then saw 5,000,000 tasks to be completed collectively by people in Europe, Africa, and the Middle-East, another 5,000,000 by trainers based in the Americas, and a further 5,000,000 from the Asia-Pacific region.

With the challenge now complete, trainers can look forward to the generation 1 legendary bird Moltres being unleashed into the game for a three-hour period. Players can attempt to catch the flying/fire type Pokémon who knows the move Sky Attack on September 8. While waiting for their chance to on Moltres, players can still challenge the legendary Regirock.

Pokémon Go is available now on iOS and Android. Check out the tweet from the Pokémon Go Twitter team, below: