MIND≒0 Looks Like Persona With Machine Guns

May 1, 2013

Acquire and ZeroDiv have just unveiled a new trailer for their dark dungeon crawler MIND≒0 (which you can view below), complete with a J-Rock intro that introduces the game’s characters.

MIND≒0 revolves around various characters that can summon Mental Inside Nobody Dolls, or MINDs, and takes place across both the regular world and the spirit world. Atlus’ Persona series definitely come to mind. The characters include:

Kei Takanashi

Age: 17

Kei is the main character of MIND≒0. He is often misunderstood due to his cool nature, but in the end he’s the type of guy that can’t overlook anyone in trouble. Kei has a childhood friend and others that take good care of him, as trouble seems to find him every chance it gets.

Sana Chikage

Age: 16

A sporty girl who likes to move her body. She’s a straight-forward character who tends to act on impulse without realizing it. Sana has a strong sense of responsibility and is often relied upon by her classmates and teachers.

Leo Asahina

Age: 16

The cheerful high-spirited young man, who is also somewhat of a fool. He believes that the reason he grew taller is thanks to an infomercial product he purchased, a supplement pill called “Height Grooowth”. Unexpectedly, he has a very keen sense of perception and his guesses tend to be spot on.

Wreckfest | Stadia Release Trailer

He’s known Kei since Middle school and has always been considered bad company.

Yoichi Ogata

Age: Unknown (Around 40)

Yoichi is an adult with dignity, who can always be relied upon. He runs a detective agency and is often seen frowning. Despite his serious looks, he knows how to take a joke. While investigating a strange case regarding “MIND”, he met up with Kei and friends, then decided to work together with the kids. It is said that he has some sort of secret surrounding his past.

Kotone Shiragiku:

Kotone is a 17 year-old modest and old-fashioned girl. She attends a different private school from Kei and friends. She lacks self confidence and isn’t comfortable around others, which is something she’d like to change about herself, but hasn’t had the best of luck in that regard. One day, she meets Kei and the others on her way back home from school, which led to her finding out about the existence of MIND.

Kanade Sakyou:

Kanade is a mysterious character that appears in front of our heroes. His origin and age is unknown. The words he spoke to Kei and friends seems to have perplexed the group. Even though there are people that share the same goal as Kanade, he gives off a vibe of isolation. There seems to be some other motive he’s hiding…

On the MIND≒0 website, it’s important to note that the above characters–along with a Lina Albertine–are playable characters, where Kanade is otherwise deemed an “Important Person.” Perhaps an ally or guest character?

You can check out both the trailer and a ton of art and screenshots below. MIND≒0 is is set to release to the PS Vita August 1st in Japan. Whether or not it’s coming to the West (and how long it would take) remains to be seen.

[Thanks to AllGamesBeta, Siliconera, and 4Gamer]


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