Minecraft Caves & Cliffs 1.17.1 Pre-Release 2 Update - Patch Notes

Plenty of bug fixes in the latest pre-release!

June 29, 2021

Mojang Studios has released a brand new pre-release for Minecraft 1.17.1 today (June 29). Unfortunately, there’s no new content in the pre-release, as it only fixes certain issues from the previous version.

You can find the full patch notes for the Minecraft 1.17.1 Pre-Release 2 right here in this article, with the full list of bug fixes.

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Minecraft 1.17 – Caves & Cliffs Update

The Caves & Cliffs update is one of the biggest updates to ever hit Minecraft. The update’s so big in fact, it had to be split into 2 parts.

Part 1 of the Caves & Cliffs update is available right now on Java and includes plenty of new blocks, ores, animals, and more. There’s no release date for Part 2 (1.18), but fans can expect it by the end of the year.


Check out the Minecraft website to find out more about Part 1 of the update.

Minecraft 1.17.1 Pre-Release 2 – Patch Notes

Below you will find the official patch notes for the Minecraft 1.17.1 Pre-Release 2. These notes were taken from the Minecraft website.

The second pre-release for 1.17.1 is now available in your launcher. This pre-release fixes a few more bugs.


  • Deaths of named mobs are now logged


  • MC-219290 – Calcite is too quiet compared to other blocks
  • MC-221656 – Creative mode obtained Bucket of Axolotl/Tropical Fish only spawns one kind axolotl/tropical fish
  • MC-226926 – Emerald ore generates too often
  • MC-228599 – Attempting to walk through flowing water constantly switches the player from swimming into normal mode
  • MC-229191 – Diamond ore distribution changed between 1.16.5 and 1.17
  • MC-229441 – You can steal the item a villager is holding for trade by killing it
  • MC-229614 – Wandering Trader obtained tropical fish are only white kob
  • MC-229983 – /clear command doesn’t clear certain stacks after dropping items from them

When Is The Next Pre-Release Update?

Unfortunately there’s no set release date for pre-releases, as they are usually only released to fix bug issues and differ from snapshot updates which include new content.

However, players are able to report any bugs found in the latest pre-release and they will then be fixed in the next pre-release update. Make sure to report any bugs you find here.

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