Minecraft Adds Full PSVR Support Later This Month

Minecraft Adds Full PSVR Support Later This Month

Minecraft is coming to a PSVR near you later this month. Be sure to get yourself ready to experience Mojang's baby in a brand new way.

This week, Sony is showcasing some brand new games for PSVR. To start things off, the team announced Minecraft VR is coming to the system later this month. The update comes free to everyone who owns Mojang’s baby and supports the entire game. While maybe not the most mind-blowing of announcements, it’s going to be fun experiencing Minecraft in full 3D.

The PSVR update for Minecraft might not anything outside of VR support, but that’s not too surprising. After all, just doing the work to get VR added isn’t a small effort. Plus, Minecraft Live is set to stream on October 3. It’s going to be a busy month for the team at Mojang.

It will be fun to see what the team adds to Minecraft at that event, especially with them already announcing this. You have to assume PSVR support would have made for a big announcement on the live stream, so it leaves you wondering what else they have to announce. So far, all we know is that fans will be able to vote on a new mob. Otherwise, fans are just waiting to see what’s next.

Minecraft is available now on pretty everything outside of your toaster. The VR update hits PSVR later this month. Sony is planning to announce new VR titles for PSVR all week. So, make sure to stay tuned for further updates. And, if you already own the headset, make sure to check out the store. PSN is running a nifty sale starting September 9.