Minecraft Devs Showcase Horrifying Early Concepts For The Warden

The Warden was almost even more horrifying than it already is!

January 22, 2022

In a recent YouTube video titled ‘The Secrets of How We’re Making The Warden’, the Minecraft developers gave fans a peek at some early concept designs for the upcoming mob.

The Warden was originally supposed to arrive in Part II of the massive Caves & Cliffs update but was then delayed to version 1.19 later this year. Alongside The Warden, Minecraft’s 1.19 ‘The Wild’ update will include a new underground biome, The Allay, Frogs and Fireflies, new Swamps, and plenty more.

But there’s no doubt about it, one of the most anticipated features coming to Minecraft this year is The Warden. If it didn’t already look terrifying enough, these early concepts show how it could have looked even worse.

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Warden Early Concept Art Revealed

A short Minecraft video was recently uploaded to the game’s official YouTube channel titled ‘The Secrets of How We’re Making The Warden’ and not only does it give fans a look into the developers thought process when designing the new mob, it also shows us what the terrifying creature almost looked like.

The narrator for the video says that “finding the balance between sweet and sinister was one of the greatest challenges of designing this nightmare”. Interestingly enough, the sculk blocks that will be a part of The Warden’s Deep Dark Biome, were almost inspired by Trypophobia. For those that don’t know, Treypophobia is a condition where someone has a fear of clusters of small holes.

As you can see by the images below, The Warden went through various different designs before the current one was decided on, some of which look drastically different.

Fans can check out the full video here to see all of the secrets, early concepts, and general ideas that went into designing The Warden for Minecraft.

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When Is The Minecraft 1.19 Update Releasing?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a set release date for the next Minecraft update, which has been confirmed as 1.19, The Wild Update. Currently, the update is planned to release sometime in 2022, but plans may change depending on the development process.

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