Minecraft Infodump For New Versions and Next Update

on June 10, 2011 1:00 PM

E3 is all done and we learned a lot of things. One small announcement you might have forgotten about is that Minecraft will be coming to the Xbox 360 for Kinect. In addition we learned awhile back that it’s going to be on Sony’s Xperia Play. Don’t think this means trouble for the PC version though, as the next update is already underway. Notch has released a huge infodump regarding all the updates;

  • The Xbox 360 version will SUPPORT Kinect, but does not REQUIRE it
  • After a period of exclusivity, the Xperia Play version (dubbed Minecraft Mobile) will be available on other Android devices.
  • The next PC version update will be 1.7, dubbed the “Adventure Mode” update which will reward exploration and combat.
  • If they like them in playtesting, pistons will be in 1.7
  • Notch is the game designer on both new versions, but won’t be involved in programming them

[Word of Notch]

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