Minecraft Lightning Rod: How To Craft, Uses

Here's how you can craft this new item in Minecraft.

June 8, 2021

Wondering how you can craft a Lightning Rod in Minecraft and what are its uses? Well, we’ve got you covered.

After a long wait, Mojang finally released the much-awaited Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Part 1 Update for Bedrock and Java Editions. The update is live for all platforms and introduces loads of new content for the players, including new mobs and biomes.

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What Does a Lightening Rod do in Minecraft?

The latest Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update introduced the Lightning Rods, which can come in handy for players who build their homes with Wood.

Building wooden homes in Minecraft is hazardous as the entire house may burn down to the ground, especially during a thunderstorm. And that’s why Lighting Rods are really helpful.

Apparently, during thunderstorms, this useful item will entice the lighting strikes to hit the rod instead of the house. What’s even amazing is that it will also divert the Lightning attacks from someone carrying a trident with the Channeling enchantment.

According to Minecraft’s official post, lightning that strikes a lightning rod can’t summon skeleton horse traps. That’s because the devs wanted to keep skeleton horse traps a rare occurrence.

How To Craft a Lightning Rod?

Crafting a Lightning Rod in Minecraft is fairly easy; here are all the steps:

  • First, find a few blocks of copper ore.
  • The, smelt down the raw copper into a minimum of three ingots.
  • Finally, in the crafting grid, place these ingots on top of each other.

There you go; you’ve successfully crafted a Lightning Rod in Minecraft. Now, all you have to do is place it on your house’s rooftop, and your precious wooden house will be safe from all kinds of lightning strikes.

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