Minecraft Will Host a Fan Vote for Next Mob, Here Are Your Candidates

Minecraft Will Host a Fan Vote for Next Mob, Here Are Your Candidates

Minecraft Live will let the fans vote on the next mob this weekend. Your choices are the Iceologer, Moobloom, or the Glow Squid.

Minecraft Live kicks off this weekend and one of the many events virtual attendees can participate in is a vote for the latest mob. Last time fans had a vote like this, we got the Phantom. This go-around, the choices are a little less terrifying but still fun. Starting this weekend, you’ll have a chance to vote between the Iceologer, Moobloom, or Glow Squid.

Minecraft‘s latest potential “illager” is the Iceologer. They hang out on icy mountains and will cause chaos when you stumble across them. Iecologers are hostile and throw flying ice clouds at you. Mojang describes fighting them as a “hardcore snowball fight”, which I’m down for.

Mooblooms, on the other hand, are totally passive. The team isn’t giving full details yet, but they mention that they’ll interact with bees somehow. Maybe they’ll serve as a mobile beehive? We’ll know more at Minecraft Live.

The last potential addition is the Glow Squid. They’re basically just normal squids that glow, which could make for an atmospheric addition to an underwater secret base.

Of course, all of this is just a short selection of what we’ll see at Minecraft Live this weekend. Mojang has already announced that we should expect some massive updates, so tune in if you’re looking to get your Minecraft fix. Of course, if anything major happens, check back with DualShockers for all the news.

Minecraft Live starts October 3 on the game’s official Twitch. If you somehow have never played the game, it’s available pretty much everywhere now.