Minecraft Nears One Million Users

It seems like more news is coming out about Minecraft every day, which isn’t very odd considering the game is still technically in Beta. Everybody has heard by now how well the game is doing, with reports over the summer listing that it’s creator is making about $350,000 a day from the game! The small game that rose to incredible levels is about to set the world on fire, as it’s about to cross the threshold of one million customers! Pretty incredible fo a java game created by a handful of people. As Notch himself said,

“Oh, and Minecraft will hit 1 million sales soon, I have no idea how to celebrate that! There’s no time to plan anything!”

With a content update coming soon that will also include cake (as part of Notch’s promise; if Minecraft won IGF’s Indie GOTY, he would add cake to the game), and special viewable capes on your character model for Christmas and New Years, who knows what lies in the future of this wonderful game.

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John Colaw

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