Minecraft Player Discovers Way To Easily Travel Through Deep Dark Biome In Update 1.19

The Warden's not so scary after all!

June 8, 2022

It may have only been one day since Mojang Studios launched Minecraft update 1.19, otherwise known as ‘The Wild Update’, but one player has already made the new Deep Dark Biome look like a walk in the park.

Minecraft’s latest content update adds a bunch of new features, structures, items, and more to the game. One of the most exciting elements of The Wild Update comes in the form of The Warden, who lives deep underground in a brand new biome known as ‘The Deep Dark’.

The new biome and mob were originally intended to launch with the previously released ‘Caves and Cliffs’ update but were delayed into update 1.19 due to the sheer scale of the update. Now fans are finally getting to face what was thought to be one of the strongest mobs in the game, or is it?

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Minecraft Player Makes The New Deep Dark Biome Looks Easy

Minecraft player ‘googler_ooeric‘ took to the official Minecraft Sub-Reddit to showcase that the new Warden mob and Deep Dark biome aren’t all they were hyped up to be.

Many players expressed how the new mob had quite literally destroyed them within two hits, even with full diamond armour. But it seems as though there’s an easy way to avoid being dominated in the new underground biome…just run.

At the beginning of the clip, the player can be seen drinking a night vision potion, making it pretty easy to navigate in the biome below. They then traverse around the cave with ease, simply sprinting around the Deep Dark as fast as they can. In fact, not a single Warden can be seen in the clip, and the player scoops up all of the loot available.

Although The Warden will quite literally dominate you if you’re not careful, it seems as though simply popping a night vision potion and running through as fast as you can does the trick.

Fellow players pointed out how the new Shriekers block takes far too long to call in The Warden, whilst the animation of them coming out of the ground also delays the process of them appearing. Other suggested that the Deep Dark biome needs more enemies than just The Warden alone.

Make sure to check out the clip below and be careful if you go and attempt the same thing!

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