Minecraft Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Beta Receive Bug Fix Update 0.16.1

on November 5, 2016 12:13 PM

A new update for Minecraft Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Beta was released: version 0.16.1. This update fixes bugs and improves performance. The update must be downloaded via whichever app store was used to purchase the game.

You can find the full changelog from Mojang below:


  • Fixed spacing so there‚Äôs now enough room for some longer localized text.
  • Performance improvements.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a crash caused by some splash potions generated through slash commands.
  • You can now delete a world & save a resource pack if the path has UTF-8 characters.
  • Fixed updating player inventory slots.
  • Fixed Realm crash when placing an item frame.
  • Fixed game crash when renaming a map.
  • Creepers explode when attacked by snow golems now.
  • Fixed inventory slots are now kept in the .mcworld save file (Education Edition only).
  • Fixed a crash when creating a new world.
  • Fixed crashes caused by fire arrows.
  • Fixed crash on iOS devices when game is resumed.
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