Minecraft Receives Another 1.6 Patch, Last One

on May 31, 2011 1:00 PM

Minecraft just released version 1.6 not too long ago, and it’s time for yet another update bringing the latest version of the game to Beta 1.6.6. Notch has noted that this will be the final version of 1.6, as he has begun work on what will become Beta 1.7 which he’s been teasing will include an “Adventure Mode”, which sounds…interesting. The details on the latest patch are of course;

  • Added a new use for bonemeal
  • Changed the material of glowstone from “glass” to “stone”. This means you need a pickaxe to get resources from it
  • Made glowstone drop more loot
  • Made the recipe sizes for creating cloth blocks and glowstone blocks smaller (2×2 instead of 3×3)
  • Re-introduced unlimited FPS, renamed the option again
  • Fixed beds not working very well at all in SMP
  • Fixed destroying a boat spawning the player too low, causing them to sometimes fall through the ground
  • Boats float up to the surface quicker
  • Boats falling down into water lose their vertical momentum very fast
  • Removed Herobrine

[Word of Notch]

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