Minecraft Receiving Dual Wielding, Shields, and More in New Updates

on July 5, 2015 12:54 PM

At Minecon, Mojang listed a wealth of new features that would be coming to Minecraft in future updates. Dual wielding will allow players to equip items in both hands, or allow left handed players use the left hand as their main. Shields will also be added soon, allowing for more defensive options. Enchanted arrows are also coming, though Mojang is still balancing out the different types. An example of arrows are a poison arrow, spectral arrow, and glow arrow, the latter of which highlights the enemy and allows you to track it down.

The UI will soon display buffs at the top right corner of the screen, with positive buffs on the top and negative on the bottom. The End area is going to receive a much larger landmass to explore. The End will also have End City which requires a bit of vertical jumping to explore. A new enemy type, called Shulker, who can shoot out projectiles that will levitate you when hit. The Ender dragon will be an actual fight now on PC, and Ender Crystals can be used to respawn the dragon but you won’t receive another Ender egg. End Gateways are how you will reach these new areas in the expanded End area.

Finally, the mobile version of Minecraft will be receiving a lot of the PC and console version features such as: hunger and XP bars, anvils, controller support, the ability to move the UI around, The Nether, ocelots, dynamic weather, cobblestone, redstone, and sprinting and crouch options.

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