Minecraft Turns RTX On With Latest Windows 10 Beta Build

Minecraft flips that RTX switch all the way to 11 in their latest Windows 10 beta.

Visually, Minecraft has never exactly been what you’d call stunning. I mean, sure, you can download different texture packs or shaders, but there’s only so much you can do. Until now that is. Today, Minecraft joined the RTX crowd with the release of a new beta on Windows 10. And it looks pretty great. Watch the new trailer below to see for yourself. Pay attention to the lighting in particular, as that’s where I think you’re seeing the most profound difference.

Be careful who you make fun of in middle school, am I right? Now obviously, it’s still Minecraft. You’re not getting photorealistic visuals by any means. However, the mix of incredible lighting and more vibrant colors really does make this look like a big step up visually for the game. Though, it has to be said that, to experience the update for yourself you’ll need an RTX capable card. That’s going to put it out of reach for quite a few people.

That said, if you do have an RTX card, you might consider downloading it. The team has put together several different hand-built worlds that show off some of the stunning things the update can do. All of these are free of course, so jumping in is just a matter of hitting that download button. It’s also worth noting that this is a beta. Everything you see can and probably will change. But if you don’t mind playing around with something still in development, this one looks pretty cool.

Minecraft is available now pretty much everywhere. If you have a PC that meets the minimum specs, you can hop into the Minecraft with RTX beta on Windows 10. No word yet on when we’ll get a proper release, but it can’t be too much further along now.

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