Minecraft Sells Nearly 2 Million Units, Pulls in More than $33 Million in Revenue

on April 6, 2011 10:00 PM

Minecraft Sells Nearly 2 Million Units, Pulls in More than  Million in Revenue

The widely well received PC title Minecraft has been called a lot of things: creative, innovative, addictive. One thing I have never heard called, however, is a blockbuster. It turns out that blockbuster barely describes this indie hit. Creator Mark Persson said on Reddit that while he currently makes a normal salary, the game’s success has resulted in  a “huge wad of money”.

He also mentioned that the game had sold some 1,800,000 units with 800,000 of those sold while the game ran for 9.95 euros (or around $14.50) and the other million sold while it was priced at 14. 95 euros (or just about $21.50). Minecraft’s performance is an inspiration to indie creators everywhere. When asked to offer advice to aspiring and small time game makers, he responded:

“Start with just making games to get used to it. Focus on the details. What makes a jump animation feel good? What is a good main menu? Try to finish a few projects.”

If you haven’t discovered what this Minecraft craze is all about, this has to make you even more interested. It certainly has that effect on me. Minecraft may just be the single most successful beta ever.


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