Minecraft Goes to a Galaxy Far, Far Away With Latest DLC

Minecraft Goes to a Galaxy Far, Far Away With Latest DLC

Minecraft adds a massive new set of Star Wars DLC today. It includes content from the original trilogy and The Mandalorian.

Minecraft has had a busy last few months. First, Mojang revealed the next big title update that’s set to come in 2021. Then, Minecraft Dungeons added cross-platform play to its Diablo-lite offerings. And now, fans are getting some exciting new DLC. That’s right, Minecraft is getting several new pieces of official Star Wars content. Check it out.

The Star Wars DLC pack adds content from both the original trilogy and The Mandalorian. It includes a new map and a bespoke texture set. Plus, a brand new skin pack that includes almost all of your fan favorites. Not to mention mob and items reskins, a UI upgrade, and a licensed soundtrack. Truthfully, it’s quite the collection for both Minecraft and Star Wars fans. They’ve done so much work to bring the universe fans love into the block-based world.

Now obviously, if you’re on PC you could probably bring most of this into your gameworld already via mods. However, for players on consoles, this is a great addition. And having it all in an official pack makes it a much easier process for everyone. So, if you’re a more casual Minecraft player, this is perfect regardless of which platform you play on.

Minecraft is available now on everything but your toaster. The Star Wars DLC should be in the game today. And make sure to stay tuned for updates around the upcoming Caves & Cliffs update. It’s set to launch sometime next year, so we’ll surely have more news on it in the coming months.