Microsoft Releases New Minecraft Map To Teach Players About Sustainability

Microsoft Releases New Minecraft Map To Teach Players About Sustainability

In an effort to educate players on climate change, Microsoft has released a new Minecraft map with lessons geared toward sustainability.

While it’s still one of the most popular games on the planet, Minecraft has also been utilized as a powerful educational tool. The Education Edition of Minecraft has seen plenty of use in classrooms around the world, with Microsoft taking things even further by translating its latest sustainability report into the popular sandbox game.

Microsoft has released a new map and series of lessons for Minecraft: Education Edition called “Sustainability City,” with the new content focused around teaching players about sustainable living and environments. Specifically, the new map features six accompanying lessons and guides related to sustainability and teaching players about “clean energy, responsible forestry, water reclamation,” and more.

The new Minecraft map is directly inspired by Microsoft’s recently-released sustainability report, which has outlined the company’s commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and reach more sustainable practices to combat climate change. Specifically, developer Mojang says that the new content is “designed to give students a sense of stewardship for the planet,” with the new lessons giving a closer look at subjects like sustainable food production, energy efficient homes, and renewable energy sources.

With the increasing focus on climate change–an issue that has many complicating factors around it–Microsoft’s new Minecraft map is an effective way of showing players (especially children and younger players) the importance of sustainability in the future. However, a Minecraft is definitely a more fun and engaging way of learning about the subject than a massive blog post, and you can check out the new map right here to learn more, where it’s available in both the base version of Minecraft and the Education Edition as a free download.