Minecraft to Release This Year; Large Infodump

With all the hype and talk about Minecraft (not to mention how much time I spend playing it), it’s easy to forget that the game isn’t even really out yet and just recently entered Beta! However, Notch is going to change that sometime this year. His team will be dedicating 50% of their time to adding new “fun stuff” to the game. If the team likes it and it’s actually fun, it’ll make it out to the users. You’ll be able to get a separate nightly build of the game that has all these little updates if you want to try them out before they get released; though of course it’s likely to be buggy, you’ll get to try out all the new updates.

As for the current game, a large update is coming this Thursday which will feature all the upgrades he told us about earlier this month featuring a new water mob among other things, including Cake! The recipe for cake is going to be 3x wheat, 3x sugar and 3x Milk. If you’re asking yourself what sugar is, Notch is changing the bamboo reeds to be sugar stalks. Yes, this means you’ll be making books out of sugar and yes you can do this in real life. Now I just want to be able to make candy.

[The Word of Notch]

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