Minecraft Update 1.17.34 Patch Notes Today (October 5)

Find out what has been changed in Minecraft's latest update for October 5.

By Dean James

October 5, 2021

Minecraft seems like it is always getting a new update of some sort and now it has received its latest with update 1.17.34 and the patch notes are now here for this October 5 release.

There are multiple types of updates for Minecraft, between the experimental and snapshot updates.

This latest one falls under the main Bedrock release, rather than being for the beta version.

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Minecraft Live 2021 | Announcement Trailer

Minecraft Live 2021 | Announcement Trailer

Minecraft Update 1.17.34 Patch Notes Today, October 5

The latest patch for Minecraft is certainly a small one, which is being gradually rolled out across each platform.

We know that it has already rolled out for PS4, as it is known as update 2.31 right now, but the other platforms may have to keep an eye out in the coming days.

Mojang has also confirmed that multiplayer is still going to be compatible with platforms that are running other non-beta versions of 1.17, so you do not need to worry.

While the patch notes are very small, you can check them out below or on the official Minecraft website.


  • Fixed an issue with owned content not appearing in the inventory after redeeming a retail code

This update only involves one fix, specifically related to an issue where owned content would show up in your inventory after the redemption of a retail code.

Even though this isn’t a major problem in the game overall, it evidently had been affecting some players and this latest update has fixed it.

Does Cliffs and Caves Part 2 Have A Release Date?

Players are still really waiting for the upcoming Cliffs and Caves Part 2 to arrive for Minecraft, but we don’t have a specific release date yet.

Update 1.17 was the first Cliffs and Caves that released back in June, leaving players wanting even more.

While there is no set release date announced yet for Minecraft’s Cliffs and Caves Part 2 update, it is slated to arrive before the end of the year. As a result, there shouldn’t be too much longer of a wait as we are already in October.

Make sure to have your copy of Minecraft updated when the October 5 update 1.17.34 hits your respective platform and get playing once again.

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