Minecraft Update 1.3.1 Released, Adds Ender Chests, Tripwire and Tons More

The latest patch for Minecraft has finally been released bringing the game up to version 1.3.1 and as we’ve come to expect from recent updates to the game it is absolutely massive in scale. In fact I think this might be one of the largest updates we’ve seen since the game officially “launched”. One of the most highlighted features is the new Ender chest which gives players cross-dimensional storage in a single chest, though many other things have been added including tripwire, the ability to write in books and far far too much more to list here.

For the sake of brevity check out the post on the official website for the short list or this insanely in depth post on Reddit detailing every tiny thing in the update. Note: the second one will take awhile. But hey, it’s Wednesday morning: if you’re not already playing the update you’re probably at work and can’t play until later anyways so get reading!

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