Minecraft: Village and Pillage Gets a Trailer Full of Marauding Villagers and Funky Tunes

Minecraft is getting a big new update in the form of Villages and Pillages. The update is live now on PC and is coming to consoles later this year.

Mojang is calling Village & PillageMinecraft’s most adventurous update yet”. The official trailer they revealed today certainly makes it look appropriately epic. See for yourself below and make sure to soak in that funky music:

The update adds a number of new things for Minecraft players to enjoy. Mojang has completely revamped villages. They have new buildings and the villagers have different individual designs based on their job. Players will also have an opportunity to help the villagers out with various construction opportunities.

The village portion of the update is not only cosmetic. The developers have implemented a refined trading system that provides players with new ways to exchange items. These Villager updates should make the new towns worth defending when the other half of the update attacks.

Pillagers are the other big addition to the game. These ne’er-do-wells roam the world looking to cause trouble. They come equipped with the new crossbow item (which we’ll talk about in a moment) and can ride the monstrous Ravager into battle. They’ve also put up Outposts all over the Overworld. These evil settlements are sure to be full of Pillagers, so if you want to exact some revenge for their many attacks, keep an eye out for them.

Players will have an opportunity to craft the new crossbow weapon as well. This new item comes with different kinds of ammunition and will be a major player in your war against the Pillagers. There are quite a few other additions coming to Minecraft in this update. Tons of new blocks and cute new mobs like pandas and foxes. It really does seem like there is something for everyone and will breathe new life into the game.

Minecraft: Villagers & Pillagers is out today on PC and is coming to consoles sometime in 2019

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