Zelda Breath of The Wild Hyrule Castle Remade by Japanese Pro Minecraft Build Team

Nintendo Japan's video shows Breath of the Wild Hyrule Castle and its interior recreated in Minecraft; Project was completed in less than two months.

Ever wondered what Breath fo the Wild‘s Hyrule Castle would look like if it was recreated in Minecraft? Well, now we have the answer. Nintendo Japan published today a video featuring Hyrule Castle remade with Minecraft blocks.

The feat was realized by Team Kyou, a pro Minecraft build team based in Japan. 13 members of Team Kyou worked on the project and completed it under two months. Not only the outward appearance, but every explorable room by Link has been recreated inside as well. 500 years after its destruction, Hyrule Castle kept its solemn atmosphere in Breath of the Wild, and this Minecraft recreation faithfully reproduced it all. The video shows the interior of Zelda’s room, the library, the banquet hall and even the underground dungeon with its cells. The castle’s main gate, its battlements and the exterior path leading to the throne room, have been fully recreated as well.

Everything is at the correct scale as well. According to the interview of Team Kyou published by Nintendo, the members took numerous screenshots while playing Breath of the Wild to make sure everything is recreated perfectly.

Team Kyou is a pro Minecraft build team officially certified by Microsoft, and have previously worked on multiple large-scale Minecraft recreations. You can find samples of their work on the Twitter account of the team’s president. The team is also constantly recruiting new members, though you’d probably need to know some Japanese.

You can find the video showcasing Breath of the Wild‘s Hyrule Castle in Minecraft below.

Minecraft recently went past 30 million copies sold on PC. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available on Wii U and Switch. An upcoming Zelda game, possibly the next main game in the series, will also be partly developed by Monolith Soft.

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