Minecraft's Markus 'Notch' Persson Digs Xbox One Reversal for Indie Dev Support

It’s certainly been a busy week in the indie game dev world following the recent blowup of Fez creator Phil Fish on Twitter and the cancellation of his upcoming Fez 2, a culmination of scrutiny from games press and criticism mixed with backlash of Microsoft’s stringent patching process and indie publishing support.

However, today brings things on a more positive note for indie game development and Microsoft’s relationship for indie support. With Microsoft’s recent turn-around of the Xbox One and reversal for DRM and online policies, the company has since also planned to allow the Xbox One the ability for self-publishing, making each console a development kit for game developers to create and publish games online easily.

In particular, Minecraft creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson seems to be welcoming the switch with open arms in an interview with Edge, where he states:

“I think it’s a wonderful idea to have the the actual box be the dev kits. This makes it easier for both the developer and for Microsoft, and presumably they could make it a lot cheaper since they’d only sell unlock codes. I realize there are other factors at play here, though, like a perceived need to make sure only ‘legitimate’ developers get access to it, so a monetary barrier might still be in place.”

Microsoft is reported to be providing more details on its plans for Xbox One and game self-publishing this coming August at Gamescom.

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