Minecraft’s Next Update Titled Caves & Cliffs Releases in 2021

Minecraft’s Next Update Titled Caves & Cliffs Releases in 2021

Minecraft is getting a new update next year titled Caves & Cliffs that add a whole ton of new features and areas to the game.

Last year we got an update to the Nether regions in Minecraft, this year, Caves & Cliffs will be getting the update.

During Minecraft live, the update was announced and will release in the summer of 2021. Microsoft stated that this update is going to take longer to develop and on top of that, Minecraft would not be receiving a Christmas update as it has in the past.

Mojang stated: “This is a massive update with a large variety of features to truly have something for all players, and we’re excited to release it for all supported platforms next summer. Due to the massive size of the update, the team needs more time to work on it than usual, which is why there will not be a traditional game update this holiday.”

Caves & Cliffs will include new cave types with different types of mobs, items, and more.

Copper ore is being introduced as a new resource that can be mined and crafted into items. A telescope will be craftable by utilizing crystal geodes. Mojang described the crystals as being “near-mystical” so they might be a pretty rare item to find.

Caves will stare to vary more in size. Some will include huge caverns, underground lakes, and waterfalls.

Stalactites and stalagmites are being introduced in the update and will cause damage if you touch them.

Players will now be able to find buried ruins that can be dusted off to find artifacts thanks to a new archeology system that was mentioned by Mojang.

Those ruins will feature new mobs. The Warden is an enemy that can sense your movement. Axolotl fish are friendly and will even help in fights.

Finally, cliff faces will look more similar to actual mountains thanks to a redesign, and mountain goats will be added to the game.

Minecraft is currently available on basically every device that has a screen at this point. Oh yeah, Steve is also coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate.