Mineko’s Night Market Picks Up New Publisher in Humble Bundle; Coming in 2018

Mineko’s Night Market Picks Up New Publisher in Humble Bundle; Coming in 2018

Humble Bundle announces it's plans to help publish PC and Mac game Mineko's Night Market.

Today, Humble Bundle announced that it will be publishing Vancouver-based developer Meowza Games’ upcoming game: Mineko’s Night Market.

Currently in development for PC and Mac and 2018 bound, Mineko’s Night Market is said to be game that celebrates Japanese culture while introducing a heartwarming story about friendship, choices, and of course, cats.

In the game you as a Minkeo, “a curious girl” who has just arrived at her new home on a Japanese island shrouded in superstition and overrun by cats. The locals of said island are said to worship the sun-cat, Abe, who has always been seen as a myth, but sightings of it have began popping up recently.

As Minkeo you will discover the secrets of the town and manage your daily activities by completing various jobs, questions, and resource gathering in preparation for the the weekly market. You can travel around via foot, bus, bullet, train, and even cat carts to a variety of locations, each with its own special offerings and new townspeople to meet depending on the time of the day and season.

After a week of collecting resources and crafting items you will participate in the weekly market and sell to the townsfolk. When you’re done selling, you can use the money you earn in the market itself to play a variety of mini-games, eat strange culinary delights, and buy various collectible items.

There are 16 unique markets every year highlighted by a stage event you can participate in every week from taiko drumming to sumo suit wrestling, to Kabuki theatre and Karaoke competitions. The better you do at the market, the bigger and better the market will be, attracting further residents and even celebrity guests.

Playstyle is said to be entirely up to the player: you can strategize to be the most efficient resource manager and crafter for the best market returns, play casually and just make friends with the townsfolk, discover the mysteries of the town, or just spend your afternoons meditating in the zen garden, The choice is yours.

Below, you can check out a new trailer which accompanied today’s announcement: