Miner Wars – Get Ready For Some… Hm. Mining?

on August 17, 2009 9:36 AM

Not too sure if any of you have ever bothered to take a glance at Keen Software House’s new game Miner Wars for the PC and Xbox 360, but for those of you who are unfamiliar or just never gave a shit about the game, I’ll continue on and give you a brief synopsis of what the game’s about.  Miner Wars is an underground and space shooter mixed in combination of a single player campaign and an MMO.  And here comes the “fun” part…

As the player, you operate a mining ship in an open world asteroid belt um… area. You dig tunnels, harvest ore, travel the solar system and fight your enemies to discover mysterious alien secrets.  We’ve included a video that will probably give you as much interest as a monkey’s toe nail.  You can check the video out after the jump.  

The story in Miner Wars will introduce players to all sorts of missions: rescue, base defense, exploration, search and destroy, and, best of all, harvesting.  Someone in that development team had a relative who worked in coal mines to come up with a concept like this.  Not saying the game sucks (as I’ve never played it), but it will likely peak the interests of… Jesus… I don’t know.  Miner Wars will be available on both Windows and Xbox Live Arcade.  Next up, a game about a garbage man who’s out seeking revenge against those who aren’t fond of recycling.  And the secret?  Recycling doesn’t exist.

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