Mini Metro’s Nintendo Switch Port Gets a Bizarrely Charming New Trailer

Mini Metro’s Nintendo Switch Port Gets a Bizarrely Charming New Trailer

The Nintendo Switch port of Mini Metro, the puzzle game that tasks you with creating your own subway system, gets a new trailer.

With the release and subsequent success of the Nintendo Switch, playing high caliber indie games on mass transit has never been easier. With the impending release of Dinosaur Polo Club’s Mini Metro on the Nintendo Switch, soon you will be able to play games about mass transit while you’re riding on mass transit.

If this is a little too meta for you, let’s rewind for a second. Mini Metro is a puzzle game that was initially released back in 2015. In the game, players take on the task of constructing a subway system for a growing city. As an omnipotent city planner, the player must develop effective subway routes without creating significant delays or crowded subway stations. Random city expansion, in addition to the twenty real cities that make up the game’s setting, promise to keep the game difficult and ensure that no two playthroughs will be identical, regardless of your city planning prowess.

As reported by DualShockers, Dinosaur Polo Club revealed the existence of a Switch port late last year and announced that the port would be developed by Radial Games. While Radial Games has still not confirmed a release date for the title, the presence of a new trailer (which shows the game running on Switch) leads one to believe that the title is coming sooner rather than later.

Despite not announcing a release date, the new trailer for Mini Metro is wonderfully weird in its own right. Keeping the gameplay footage to a minimum, the trailer showcases a group of strangers playing Mini Metro together before starting a brief, impromptu dance party on the bus. While the trailer conveys almost nothing about the game’s actual gameplay, its charm is undeniable. Between the bubbly synthesizers and genuine joy expressed by the straphangers, the trailer manages to encapsulate the mood and aesthetic of Mini Metro despite its glaring absences.

Watch the new trailer for Mini Metro below. As previously stated, the Nintendo Switch port does not have a release date, however, the trailer states that the game will be coming soon. You can currently play Mini Metro on Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android.