Minimalistic First-Person Sandbox-Puzzler Bokida – Heartfelt Reunion Hitting PC on May 17th

Minimalistic First-Person Sandbox-Puzzler Bokida – Heartfelt Reunion Hitting PC on May 17th

France-based Developer Rice Cooker Republic has announced that its minimalistic, first-person puzzle game with sandbox elements, Bokida – Heartfelt Reunion, is hitting PC via Steam on May 17, 2017.

For those that don’t know: Bokida started off as the graduation project for some of the team members’ BSc in Game Design. Said project eventually led to the first prototype of the game being released in 2013. This prototype went on to win numerous awards, which eventually prompted the team to turn the game into a full-fledged release. And now after a recent successful stint on Steam Greenlight, the game is poised to launch just next month.

Here’s an overview of the game via Rice Cooker Republic:

Bokida – Heartfelt Reunion takes place on a dormant, seemingly monochromatic world of light that gradually reveals its beauty, expanding its palette of colors. It is a peaceful game where you experience freedom while exploring an intriguing environment. As the player, you will journey through this environment using your abilities to reunite two planets who were separated a long time ago.

  • Explore a stark monochrome environment rich with the potential for playfulness

  • Play with physics, generate and sculpt geometry, experiment with their combinations

  • Play your part in the reunion of two worlds who were separated long ago

  • Enjoy a calm, relaxing game experience in this peculiar world rich with mysteries

It’s currently unclear how much Bokida will cost when it launches. However, if you can’t wait until May to try the game — or are simply iffy on whether or not you’re interested in it — there’s a demo you can check out on Rice Cooker Republic’s official site.

Below, you can view the new trailer: