Devolver Digital’s Title Minit Now Available on PS4, Steam, and Xbox One

Devolver Digital’s Title Minit Now Available on PS4, Steam, and Xbox One

Devolver Digital has released a trailer for their new title Minit, featuring a flip-book styled series of cute animations of the game's features.

Vlambeer has released their adventure game (with the help of publisher Devolver Digital) by pairing it with an adorable flip-book animation sequence, showing off the main character and some of their one-minute scenarios. The flip-books each demonstrate Minit‘s bittersweet circle of life within its adventure.

You might be asking what Minit is all about. Well, it’s all in the title, really. You play the adventure one single minute at a time, due to a curse (possibly caused from a bite by a prematurely-born groundhog with radioactive time powers) that kills the main character off after a single minute of each day. Your quest involves doing as much as you can every day through beating enemies, helping others, and discovering secrets, all in the hopes to breaking the curse.

Devolver Digital’s CFO, Fork Parker, stated on the title:

Finally played Minit for the first time last week and it turns out the game is much longer than 60 seconds…After taking a deeper look, it’s a real game with several hours of premium indie content but I’ll never know for sure because games are for kids.

Minit can now be played on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms. You can check out the creative flip-book release trailer for Minit below, or pick up the game via the Humble Store. Check out the flipbook launch trailer below:

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