Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 - US Release Date & Time, How To Watch

Join the Ladybug and Cat Noir on their latest adventures!

November 25, 2021

Miraculous: The Adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir has returned to the US for Season 4 with much more exciting turns in the show.

In France, the fourth season of the show has been airing since April 2021 and it’s currently running ahead of the US release schedule.

As the adventurous journey of Ladybug and Cat Noir in Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 is now approaching the end, the story is getting more intense and fans are eagerly waiting for new episodes to be released!

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MIRACULOUS on Disney Channel | Season 4 | Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

MIRACULOUS on Disney Channel | Season 4 | Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

What Is Miraculous Ladybug about?

The plot of this series revolves around two high-school students, Marinette and Adrien, who are chosen to become superheroes with the nickname Ladybug and Cat Noir.

Both of them have a jewel called Miraculous, which is linked to magical creatures known as Kwamis — who granted the superpower to the teenagers.

As superheroes, Ladybug and Cat Noir have to fight the Hawk Moth — the villain of the story who wants to steal their Miraculouses and wreak havoc on the town by creating more supervillains.

Another major part of the story also depicts how the teenagers live their dual life as high school students and superheroes. At school, Marinette has a crush on Adrien but cannot tell him, so she acts awkwardly whenever he is around. As a superhero, Cat Noir loves Ladybug, but his ego annoys her; besides, Marinette prefers Adrien anyway!

New Adventures In Miraculous Ladybug Season 4

In Miraculous Ladybug Season 4, the adventure in Paris continues for Ladybug and Cat Noir, who are now surrounded by new allies and fighting an ever more powerful and determined opponent. But great changes lie ahead for Ladybug and Cat Noir in their superhero lives, and for Marinette and Adrien in their lives at school.

Season 4 picks up the events of the previous season and goes on to depict how Gabriel Agreste repairs the Peacock Miraculous and combines his powers with that of the Butterfly in order to gain power and become Butterfly.

Release Schedule On Disney Channel

A lot of fans are waiting eagerly for the show to arrive on Disney Plus but the timings tend to vary at times. So, we have compiled the release date and time for all Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 episodes in one place for your convenience.

Please note that the below release schedule is only applicable for Disney Channel:

  • Episode 1 – June 21, 2021 (at 10:00am ET/PT)
  • Episode 2 – June 22, 2021 (at 10:00am ET/PT)
  • Episode 3 – June 23, 2021 (at 10:00am ET/PT)
  • Episode 4 – June 24, 2021 (at 10:00am ET/PT)
  • Episode 5 – June 25, 2021 (at 10:00am ET/PT)
  • Episode 6 – June 26, 2021 (at 10:30am ET/PT)
  • Episode 7 – July 3, 2021 (at 10:30am ET/PT)
  • Episode 8 – July 10, 2021 (at 10:30am ET/PT) 
  • Episode 9 – July 17, 2021 (at 10:30am ET/PT)
  • Episode 10 – July 24, 2021 (at 10:30am ET/PT)
  • Episode 11 – July 31, 2021 (at 10:30am ET/PT)
  • Episode 12 – August 7, 2021 (at 10:30am ET/PT)
  • Episode 14 – August 14, 2021 (at 10:30am ET/PT)
  • Episode 15 – October 16, 2021 (at 10:00am ET/PT)
  • Episode 16 – October 23, 2021 (at 10:00am ET/PT)
  • Episode 17 – November 6, 2021 (at 10:00am ET/PT)
  • Episode 18 – November 13, 2021 (at 10:00am ET/PT)
  • Episode 19 “Gabriel Agreste” – November 20, 2021 (at 10:00am ET/PT)
  • Episode 20 “Ephemeral” – November 27, 2021 (at 10:00am ET/PT)

At the time of writing, we have the release timings only till episode 20 of Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 as the rest of them are yet to be announced. We shall update this page as more information arrives so bookmark this page and do check it out later.

Preview Of Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 20

In Episode 20 titled Ephemeral, Ladybug will be facing a dilemma. The new episode would present a situation where Ladybug and Cat Noir’s secret identities could be revealed.

Besides this, there will be a new looming threat from a villain. To deal with this threat, Ladybug would seek the help of nine superheroes when all she need is Cat Noir and his cataclysm. However, she won’t be able to call Cat Noir, as she still isn’t aware of his secret identity.

Meanwhile, the Celestial Guardian of the Miraculous thinks that this situation cannot go on any longer as it is too dangerous to leave Cat Miraculous in the wild with a stranger. But if Ladybug wants to remain a Guardian, she must find a way to tell Master Su-Han who Cat Noir really is. We would have to watch Episode 20 to find out what Ladybug would do next!

How To Watch Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 In USA?

The first episode of Season 4 has been aired in the US and you can watch it on Disney Channel.

In addition to this, Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 is slated to arrive on Netflix and Disney Plus as well, but its release date and time schedule hasn’t been announced at the time of writing.

That being said, we will surely update this page when we get to hear any announcement regarding the same. So do visit this page later!

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