Duke Nukem Forever Petition Appears

Duke Nukem Forever Petition Appears


A recent petition has been started by a Ms. Shelby Knox with the goal of preventing Duke Nukem Forever from being sold at Wal-Mart. This Sundance award winner doesn’t have a problem with Duke in his entirety, just the Capture the Babe (Capture the Flag) mode featured in Duke Nukem Forever‘s multiplayer. This mode has you capturing a woman, bringing her back to your base, once and if she happens to scream, you have to smack her butt to keep her in line. Ms. Knox believes that “Duke Nukem Forever makes a game out of physical and sexual violence against women” in a culture “which one in four American women will become a victim of domestic violence.” She also believes that violence against women boosts Gearbox CEO’s, Randy Pitchford’s, bottom line.

Now this petition may have a lack of understanding to video game culture. The first instance being Duke Nukem Forever will also be sold heavily by Gamestop and Amazon. The second is the misunderstanding, in general, of gamer culture. The lack of knowledge is prevalent in her statement where she says Duke Nukem will be played primarily by young people. There are more gamers above the age of 18 than pre-teens and children. The few “young people” who do get their hands on Duke Nukem Forever will have had someone buy it for them (because of rated M ID checks) or obtained it illegally. As a backup, each system has parental controls that parents can take advantage of which will prevent their children from accessing inappropriate content for their age. Lastly, the value/core of Duke Nukem (if there is one) certainly isn’t about abusing REAL LIFE women. It wasn’t made to insult a sub-culture, it was made for harmless fun and entertainment.

For the subject of domestic violence…individuals who assault their partners do so because of some “illness” (wanting to be physically dominant/controlling) or they witnessed domestic violence as a child, not because of video games. The latter reason had the abusive individual learn from their parents/guardians. The same can be said on one’s child handling “mature” topics…they learn it from their parents! As I’ve said time and time again, readers, parents are responsible for what their children play and how they react to it. Not the media we know today such as books, movies, shows, and video games. So the worries of this game causing feminist abuse is absurd. Regardless of parental responsibilities, the petition (as of the making of this article) has over 4,330 signatures. We have contacted Ms. Knox for an exclusive interview and further information.