Miss The Classics? Play Over 300 DOS Games In Your Browser, Right Now

In the 90’s, if you weren’t playing Nintendo or Sega consoles, you were playing DOS games on your PC. But with Iron Man-level computers coming out bigger and better every year, PCs are becoming too advanced to play the old games (think how impossible it would be to play a record on a CD player). But this is where RGB Classic Games comes in.

Think along the lines of GOG.com or DOSgames.com. RGB Classic Games takes some of the best DOS games of that bygone era and brings them to a Java-based emulation that runs on your browser. This means you can play the Duke Nukem series, the original Prince of Persia, Out of The World, and mega-classic Wolfenstein 3D on your browser, anywhere, for free.

This effort seems to be an altruistic one, one that benefits their website just as much as the original designers of the games they present. Originally, many of these DOS games were offered as shareware/freeware, or at least had the first several levels available for free: similarly, RGB Classic Games offers these games for free, and where possible, links these games back to the developer’s website for full versions or paid versions.

At the moment, RGB Classic Games is concentrating on what they deem the “better” games of DOS era, but they are working hard on bringing more games to the site, hoping that the site becomes a preservation for games that would otherwise be lost.

For more information, visit RGB Classic Games, and as always, stay tuned to DualShockers.com.

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