Warzone: Missiles Soar Through Verdansk - Nuke Event Easter Egg

Nuke inbound, get to the exfil!

Since Season 2 Reloaded kicked off in Warzone on March 31, players have begun noticing missiles soaring through Verdansk. Could this be an Easter Egg for the possible Nuke Event?

We’ve put together everything we know about the missiles flying through the air in Warzone, including how you can see them, and what exactly they mean for Verdansk.

Check out the tweet below, courtesy of @charlieINTEL, to see the missiles flying overhead in Downtown Verdansk.

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Missiles In Warzone

It seems that when players are in a game of Warzone, at random intervals a containment protocol message appears on the screen and a few seconds later missiles will fly overhead.

This appears to be completely random in-game, and there’s no way of triggering it yourself. But what does it mean?

Well, it’s likely just an Easter Egg for the upcoming Nuke Event that has been rumoured.

If leaks are to be believed, the inclusion of Zombies in Verdansk since Season 2 began is ultimately leading to the end of the current map. Many believe that as the Zombies continue to spread all over the Warzone map, that can only mean that a Nuke is inbound to take them all out, destroying Verdansk in the process.

When Is The Nuke Event?

There’s no official date yet for the heavily rumoured Nuke Event taking place in Warzone, but many leakers are pointing towards the end of Season 2 on April 22.

It’s likely that some sort of Nuke Event will happen around the end of Season 2 and the start of Season 3. But again, nothing has been confirmed by Activision, Treyarch, or Raven Software.

As soon as there’s news surrounding the possible Nuke Event in Warzone, DualShockers will keep you up to date.

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