Missouri Representative Proposing a Tax on “Violent” Videogames

on January 16, 2013 9:41 AM

Following the massacre at Newtown Connecticut, Americans everywhere have been searching for answers on how to prevent those kinds of heinous acts from happening again. Unfortunately in the process, mediums such as videogames become the scapegoat for politicians looking to provide those answers. This so happens to be the case with Republican Diane Franklin — a representative from Camdenton, Missouri –who is proposing a bill to place a tax on the sale of “violent” videogames.

Franklin is proposing games should be taxed 1% according to their ESRB rating. Anything that classifies as Teen, Mature, or Adult Only, would be subjected to taxation. The taxes collected from the sale of such games would then be spent on mental health programs in hopes of preventing another massacre like the one in Newtown.

The fact that she includes the “teen” rating should tell folks that she obviously has no idea how the rating system works as games such as The Sims would also be taxed. Also, with this tax proposal, Representative Franklin is not seeking the same tax on “violent” books or films which is a clear cut double standard.

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