Mixer Has Been Swallowed Whole By Facebook Gaming

With Xbox Series X on the horizon, Microsoft is announcing a partnership with Facebook that will mean the end of Mixer.

Facebook is back again with an established gaming platform takeover, this time going after Microsoft’s premier streaming platform. Revealed in a surprise Tweet earlier today, Mixer announced that the streaming platform would be transferring over to Facebook Gaming — a definitive blow to the relatively niche streaming network and high-level names that have migrated over there.

Officially revealed in a combination Twitter thread and blog post earlier today, Microsoft announced that Mixer will be migrating over to Facebook Gaming as of July 22, 2020:

According to the blog post, Microsoft is making the move to shutter their streaming service due to a limited “ability to scale the platform for [Partners and streamers] as quickly and broadly as possible.” Phil Spencer, in a parallel blog post, points to other collaborations that the Xbox brand and Facebook are working on — specifically integrating Project Cloud into the existing landscape of Facebook Gaming.

On one hand, this should come as no surprise. Facebook has quietly been working behind the scenes to sever ties with Sony, most notably seen in the October update that removed Facebook integration from the PS4. At the time, this was commonly reported as Sony severing ties with Facebook over their use of data and privacy concerns.

Other major streamers that Mixer lucratively acquired — most notably including Ninja — commented on the move, noting relative disappointment:

Despite Microsoft noting that Facebook Gaming would offer partner status and a general continuation of contract terms for monetized streamers, much of Facebook’s recent PR and political blowback have tainted the brand at large. Despite an aversion to both YouTube and Twitch, it’s hard to imagine that the major players in Mixer streaming will not be making moves to return to more established platforms.

Recently, Facebook has been bulking up on their gaming division — specifically by acquiring Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time developer Sanzaru Games as well as Beat Saber’s developer Beat Games. However, this merger of Mixer is likely the biggest gaming deal that Facebook has entered in on since its purchase of Oculus.

With next gen hardware quickly approaching, there is still a lot to learn about how Xbox Series X and PS5 will play off of the respective social media networks. However, with this transition, it won’t be a huge shock to see Facebook and Xbox Series X walking hand in hand.

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