Mixer Interview — Ben Favreau Shows How Easy it Is to Start Broadcasting and More

Mixer Interview — Ben Favreau Shows How Easy it Is to Start Broadcasting and More

DualShockers has a chat with Ben Favreau from, Mixer to discuss how easy it is to start broadcasting and set up a co-stream through Mixer on Xbox One and Windows 10.

During a Microsoft Showcase in New York City, DualShockers’ own Scott Meaney had the chance to talk with Ben Favreau from Mixer, Micrsoft’s brand new streaming service that was originally named Beam, and launched earlier this year.

During the interview, Favreau discusses how Microsoft has tried to lower the barrier of entry of those who want to livestream by completely integrating Mixer into Xbox One, and shows Scott how easy it is for one to start broadcasting on Xbox One with just a few clicks.

After you start broadcasting, there are still a ton of different options they can toggle so the stream can run smoothly, and there is almost no lag between the actual gameplay and the broadcast. Favreau  also delves into the service’s co-stream features, which allows multiple streamers to combine their broadcasts into one for viewers to watch.

If you want to see some more Mixer related content, you can check out some previous advertisements from Microsoft that promote the service with weird things such as UFO’s , Leprechauns, and Double Rainbows. According to Microsoft’s Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella, and Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood, Microsoft’s streaming service is “off to a very strong start.”

You can check out the full interview with Ben Favreau below. The Mixer streaming service is currently available on Windows 10, Xbox One, iOS, Android, and on Mixer.com.