Miyamoto Working on “Undisclosed Original Title”

on January 6, 2012 10:45 AM

Grab your pearls and your smelling salts, Shigueru Miyamoto’s bag of tricks isn’t quite empty yet. In a recent interview with Zoomin Games, Miyamoto skated over a quick remark that, in addition to Luigi’s Mansion 2 for 3DS and Pikmin 3 for Wiii U, he is working on an “undisclosed original title.”

“If you ask me, ‘Is it too much pressure to try to come out with something new?’ I have to say no, I’m enjoying myself,” said the Nintendo Big Guy. “Each creator has his or her own field for which he or she is particularly good at… I’m not saying that I am particularly bad at making the very photo-realistic video games. But when it comes to the realistic games, you have to create something familiar. I personally want to make something really different.”Miyamoto and photo-realism — 2012 really¬† just may be the best year ever for the game industry. It’s worth checking out the interview below, as we can some pretty funny damage control on Miyamoto’s part about that time we thought he was retiring.


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