Miyazaki: Bloodborne Will Be a “Real Game for Game Lovers;” PS4 “Hardware Beyond Expectations”

Miyazaki: Bloodborne Will Be a “Real Game for Game Lovers;” PS4 “Hardware Beyond Expectations”

Even before its official announcement at E3 Bloodborne turned a lot of heads. It was still called “Project Beast,”  exposed by a blurry leak, and many were already looking at it as one of the biggest games of E3. This doesn’t seem to phase Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki, as he explained on Famitsu.

Miyazaki-san was asked if he’s in any way worried about making a game that has sparked high expectations worldwide, since so far it’s one of the few Japanese PS4 games competing on the western stage.

I’m not particularly worried about that. As far as I’m concerned, whether it’s for overseas or for Japan, I make games to please people that love games. That’s it. That hasn’t changed even with this new title. After that, I’ll let the folks at the publisher Sony do their best. (laughs)

Since this is a new game on a completely new hardware, this is a title that presents many challenges to us. yet, I think this is a game very much in line with what we are. The fundamental production philosophy didn’t change from the times of Demon’s Souls and it’s making “a real game for those that love games.”

Miyazaki-san also mentioned his impressions about working with PS4:

PlayStation 4 is a console beyond expectations. While this game is still being developed, It’s very exciting to imagine its final form, and I think that this hardware makes this kind of game possible.

When asked if the unique features of the PS4, like Share, will be implemented into the game, he answered:

I think Share is an attractive feature. We’re still considering how to concretely take advantage of it with Sony.

Personally, I’m very eager to see and hear more about Bloodborne. It was unveiled in the most unorthodox way possible, but it has quickly caught the attention of many, including mine. It’s refreshing to hear that despite the attention and the new hardware, Miyazaki-san intends to apply his usual development philosophy that brought us awesome games in the past.