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By Josh Wright

April 20, 2010

Baseball is in full swing and for baseball fans it couldn’t have come soon enough. MLB10 The Show is up to bat on the PSP and DualShockers has the review for gamers. Whether your a Yankees, Red Sox, Mets, or Phillies fan, MLB10 The Show combines all of the baseball goodness right in the palm of your hand. Throwing a 90 mph fastball has never been this easy.

Gamers can even take their shot at glory in the All Star Weekend Homerun Derby. Developed by SCE Studios San Diego, MLB10 The Show throws gamers a realistic gaming experience for the PSP system. You can almost smell the popcorn and beer coming through device. The only thing missing is sunburn.

Whether your an ace pitcher or a slugger, the controls for MLB10 The Show are put together in a way that works in the gamers advantage. When on the mound, pitching is controlled by the analog pad and a combination of buttons depending on what your throwing. Choose your pitch, control your strength meter with the X button, and use the analog pad to put your pitch were you want it. Once the ball is hit into the field, players are controlled with the analog pad as well. Not sure to which base your throwing? Don’t worry, all throws are mapped out on the buttons so getting used to it won’t be a problem.

If your at all familiar with the MLB The Show series, then batting won’t be a problem either. Simply time the pitch, press X to swing and O to bunt. The D pad and Analog pad move the batter inside the box and when the time is right let it rip. Timing in MLB10 The Show is key, so swing with caution unless you want to pop out and look like a punk.

It's a shot to center field ....

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Graphics for most PSP games are rarely enough to really blow a gamer away. However, MLB10 The Show really proves that the PSP can really throw out the smoothness that a lot of games do not achieve. Sony really creates a realistic atmosphere as it pays high attention to the detailed Stadiums. Complete with old and new stadiums, gamers can choose which venue they want to throw down in. Want old Yankee Stadium? Go for it! Can’t wait to see the inside of the new Yankee Stadium? Well, gamers can do that too.

One of the biggest cons of MLB10 The Show would have to be the fact that gamers can’t compete online against one another nor update any changes made to the roster throughout the year. Some would say that this isn’t important, but sports fans like to keep the game as realistic as possible, and having the ability to update the roster would certainly lend to that. Gamers do have the option of playing through different modes, which does keep gamers interested in the long run.

All in all, MLB10 The Show is one of the better PSP games to be released in awhile. The fact that Sony developed a game for their handheld console that delivers such a punch says a lot about the company. MLB10 The Show will make any baseball or sports fan cheer out when they take that certain hated opposing pitcher yard. So whether your a Braves, Giants, or Mariners fan, jump into MLB10 The Show today and see what you’ve been missing.

Title: MLB10 The Show
Developer: SCE Studios San Diego
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform Reviewed: PSP
Release Date: Available Now
Review Copy Info: A copy of this title was provided by the publisher to DualShockers Inc. for reviewing purposes

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