MLB 14: The Show PS4 Version “So Clean, So Deep, So Much Detail;” Spectacular Lighting Described

MLB 14: The Show PS4 Version “So Clean, So Deep, So Much Detail;” Spectacular Lighting Described

While the embargo for new gameplay footage, screenshots ad impression of Sony Computer Entertainment’s MLB 14: The Show drops tomorrow at 10 AM EST, a few impressions are already filtering through, as reported by NeoGAF user backbreaker65.

Steve Noah of Operation Sports posted on the website’s forums:

You guys are in for a treat on Thursday, 13th. Hoping to get some exclusives for us!
Screenshots had me like… Tears-of-Joy.jpg
Glen Percival of the PSNation Podcast added to the hype:

Just got Ramone’s permission to say a bit about the PS4 version.
In a word, stunning. So clean, so deep, so much detail. He showed it side-by-side with the PS3 version, which helped show truly how much better it’s going to be on PS4. Also, dat lighting! I can’t wait to talk details!

MLB The Show Community Manager and Designer Ramone Russell himself chimed in, stating that in the future the game is going to look even better than what we’re going to see tomorrow:

How do I say this……………………………………….
Our lead graphics programmer just cracked the code on our PS4 lighting engine about an hour ago. When I show you again it’s going to look better. I might even do a comparison of the two.
Can’t wait to show you guys this man now I have to re-take all the screen shots I took already for Thursday.

Looks like tomorrow at 10 AM we’ll be in for a treat or two, and the future might hold something even better for PS4-owning baseball fans.

Personally, while it may seem strange to hear this said by someone from soccer-loving Italy, I can’t wait. I always loved baseball, and I’m quite sure I’ll end up importing this installment of the franchise as well, since it normally doesn’t get released in Europe.