MLB 15 The Show 10th Anniversary Edition Revealed Featuring $130 in Added Bonus Content

on February 7, 2015 4:52 PM

To commemorate MLB 15 The Show and 10 years on PlayStation platforms for the franchise, San Diego Studio created a limited MLB 15 The Show 10th Anniversary Edition.

For $69.99, you’ll receive $130 in added bonus content which will include:

  • Exclusive MLB 15 The Show 10th Anniversary Wood Grain SteelBook and Exclusive Cover
  • 12k in Stubs ($9.99 value)
  • 15 Bonus Item packs ($15.00 value)
  • All 30 MLB Team Dynamic Themes ($ 3.49 each retail)
  • Official MLB 15 Dynamic Theme ($3.49 retail)

The physical 10th Anniversary Edition is available to pre-order at any US retailer (not available in-store in Canada).

It was also announced that on February 10th, a digital version will be available to pre-order on PlayStation Store, which allows you to pre-load the game onto your PS4 system two days before it launches.

By pre-ordering MLB 15 The Show digitally on PlayStation Store or at various retailers, you will receive a free voucher for a DualShock 4 Skin for the MLB team of your choice from Skinit.

Additionally, if you pre-order at GameStop — or EB Games/Amazon, for those in Canada — you will receive the Skinit skin and six additional Bonus Item Packs for use in game.

Lastly, it was announce that Canada has an exclusive version of MLB The Show with Russell Martin of the Toronto Blue Jays on the cover.

MLB 15 The Show will release March 31st for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

Check out the gallery below for the closer look at all the goodies.

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