MLB 2K10 Is Nearing Home Plate

on December 23, 2009 4:05 PM

From the past to the present, 2K Sports has given us something to enjoy, the MLB 2K games. Every in the Spring season the game is released with last year’s stats on all the players, and the expectations on what 2010 is going to be like for the MLB. One thing is missing from the equation. That is making me want to play this game. I love baseball, and yet, baseball on video games for the XBOX 360 have let me down these past few years. Hopefully this game, 2K Sports made a turn around for better baseball.

The commercial seen below explains what it takes to beat Evan Longoria at a pitching dual. They are right; in this game it is all about the pitchers versus the hitters. Fielding is one thing, but if a pitcher can throw a great pitch and just allow the batter to knock it to one of the fielders, then you are golden. If you have a crappy fielder, then you are in trouble. My recommendation is to have a good picthing team or trade for good pitchers during your seasonal playing. I may be biased, since I am a pitcher, but a good pitcher can always beat out a good batter.