MLB 2K10 Simulation Predicts World Series and Award Winners

MLB 2K10 Simulation Predicts World Series and Award Winners

width="235"If you have hope that your team will make it to the World Series this season, then you may want to take 2K Sports simulation lightly. Simulating the season on MLB 2K10, 2K Sports has predicted the World Series combatants to be the Philadelphia Phillies taking down the Boston Red Sox in the series 4-1. Yankee fans are squirming in their seats right about now. Philadelphia’s Jimmy Rollins was the World Series MVP in the simulation with a dominating performance.

A little bit of optimism for fans would likely be the prediction of the division races. MLB 2K10 predicts banners for the New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox and Texas Rangers, with the Boston Red Sox obtaining the AL Wild Card. In the National League, the Atlanta Braves, St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants are projected as division champions, with the Philadelphia Phillies garnering the NL Wild Card.


Awards were predicted to go to Albert Pujols for winning his fourth National League MVP award, and Dan Haren winning his first National League Cy Young award. In the American League, the simulation results predict a Yankees’ sweep with Alex Rodriguez winning his fourth MVP and C.C. Sabathia his second Cy Young award.

How close will 2K come to the real deal? The season is long and a lot can happen. For more information and to check out the simulation, go to