MLB 2K11 and 2K10 Compared Side-by-Side

By Danl Haas

February 12, 2011

In what I would consider a rather ballsy move, 2K Sports has decided to prove its dedication to improving its annual sports franchises by releasing a series of screenshots that directly compare this year’s iteration of MLB 2K11 with last year’s. Specifically, this little slide show displays marked improvements in specific player models, particularly those who know one knew about up until last season. Also note the drastically improved tint in the San Fransisco skyline behind Mr. Wilson there.  Clearly much more faithful to the real place, not to mention how well it goes with his eyes.

Anyway, am I crazy for thinking this is odd? It just seems peculiar for a publisher to tell you straight up “Hey, here’s what was crap about the game we made last year, but no worries it’s way better now.” Doesn’t that seem like it’ll dissuade folks from purchasing year after year? I’m probably crazy. Still, it’s cool to see all the improvements. Check out the full gallery of shots after the jump.

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